Swaziland HIV/AIDS Programme Monitoring System

The Swaziland HIV/AIDS Programme Monitoring System (SHAPMoS) is a routine data collection system that was developed to gather community-level information on non-health HIV services in Swaziland. It was implemented to monitor and evaluate the progress of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care, and support programs throughout the country.

SHAPMoS aims to collect data on various aspects related to HIV/AIDS, including prevention activities, education and awareness campaigns, behavioral interventions, and support services. The system helps to monitor the implementation and impact of these programs, ensuring that the interventions are effective and reaching the intended target populations.

By collecting and analyzing data on non-health HIV services, SHAPMoS assists policymakers and program managers in making informed decisions and allocating resources effectively. It provides valuable information for evaluating the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions, identifying gaps in service provision, and planning future interventions.

The program was managed by the Swaziland National Emergency Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA) from 2016 to 2017 where data captured at the regional level was fed into an online national database on a quarterly basis. IHM Southern Africa was contracted as a technical advisory contractor to develop a framework to strengthen the system through the review of existing indicators, and the development of new indicators and customized reporting requirements for standard and ad hoc reports.